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Pastoral Letter on Catholic Education

Fullfilling Our Discipleship Through a Renewed Commitment to Catholic Education


September 27, 2023

As we recently began a new school year, I wish to impart a reminder to our faithful of the solemn obligation we have to educate our young people in the Faith and Traditions of Our Church as documented in the seminal document of the Second Vatican Council – Declaration on Christian Education, (Gravissimum Educationis): “Since all Christians have become by rebirth of water and the Holy Spirit a new creature so that they should be called and should be children of God, they have a right to a Christian education.”

In the attached Pastoral Letter, I outline the Buffalo Diocese’s history in providing a Catholic education to our children and state that our educational efforts through these more than 175 years is a gateway through which generations have accessed the fullness of Christian identity and acquired the intellectual, emotional and spiritual resources to navigate life’s inevitable complexities while also fulfilling their community and societal obligations.

Bishop Michael W. Fisher

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Rightsize and Reshape Recommendations

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June 7, 2024

Dear Catholic Community of Buffalo, North,

As you already know, the Diocese of Buffalo announced on Tuesday, May 28th a plan to merge approximately 34 percent of the diocese’s 160 parishes. On Thursday, June 4th, the priests, deacons and trustees from all the families of parishes in the Buffalo Vicariate (region), met with the Diocese of Buffalo Renewal Team to discuss recommendations for the “Rightsize and Reshaping” plan for the Buffalo region including our Catholic Community of Buffalo, North (CCBN) Family.

We understand that these are major changes that we will all be going through together in a very short period of time and these recommendations may be very upsetting to process for many of us, if not all. Our Family of Parishes Leadership Team (Trustees and Clergy), in collaboration with ...


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Diocese of Buffalo Announces Plan to Reshape the Number of Parishes through Merger

Plan presented to priests responds to critical factors impacting diocesan operations

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Diocese of Buffalo
Office of Communications
Diocese of Buffalo Announces Plan to Reshape the Number of Parishes through Merger
Plan presented to priests responds to critical factors impacting diocesan operations


Buffalo, N.Y., May 28, 2024 – The Diocese of Buffalo today has announced that following a comprehensive and collaborative planning process directed by its Road to Renewal division, a plan was presented to Family of Parishes priests to merge approximately 34 percent of the diocese’s 160 parishes.

“The Diocese of Buffalo is facing multiple challenges including a significant priest shortage, declining Mass attendance, aging congregations and ongoing financial pressures brought about by our Chapter 11 filing,” explained Bishop Michael W. Fisher. “This plan resulted from the lessons learned as we brought parishes together in the parish family model and determined rather quickly that scaling back the number of parishes would best allow us to use our limited resources to help reenergize a spiritual renewal in the diocese.”

“These difficult changes associated with our renewal allow limited resources to be directed to the greatest needs in our community,” Bishop Fisher added, “The work of the Holy Spirit within...


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Catholic Community of Buffalo North, meet Buffalo State Newman Center, part of Family #36!

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Catholic Community of Buffalo North, meet Buffalo State Newman Center, part of Family #36!

Over the past several months the Buffalo State Newman Center has been discerning their future as the Buffalo State Newman building was identified to be sold with the majority of funding going to help towards the Chapter 11 settlement for the Diocese.

Bishop Mike throughout this entire process has shared that the ministry of the Newman center must and will continue, although it will look different.

With the Bishop’s guidance in mind, the leadership team of Buffalo State Newman has been discerning their future and what it would look like. After numerous meetings and exploring the options of moving Buffalo State Newman ministry onto the campus of Buffalo...


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Letter from Lionheart 2024 Co-Chairs

"Wake the Lion"

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Dear Families and Friends of St. Mark School,

Get ready to roar with excitement! This year’s Lionheart Auction, "Wake the Lion” will be held on Saturday, June 8, 2024, and we are thrilled to announce that Lionheart 2024 will honor…

Our Amazing Teachers!

Our teachers at St. Mark School pour their hearts into shaping the futures of our children. Their love, dedication, and unwavering commitment set the stage for our students’ bright and rewarding futures. It is time to shower them with the appreciation they truly deserve at Lionheart 2024.

The Lionheart Auction isn’t just a fundraiser; it is a tradition that connects our community, and it is vital to St. Mark School. Past success has always...


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A Letter from Fr. Joe Tokasz to our Family of Parishes

Information about All Saints Parish

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February 19, 2024

Dear Catholic Community of Buffalo, North,

I received news this past week, that after a meeting of the College of Consultors and the Presbyteral Council of the Diocese of Buffalo, both advisory councils to Bishop Michael Fisher, a decision regarding the future of All Saints parish has been made.

All Saints Parish has been dealing with challenges concerning its parish property and buildings as well as its finances for over two years. Particularly the condition of its school building and parish’s financial stability and longevity. They have made great efforts over the past year in striving to increase contributions and raise fundraising efforts....

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Lionheart Letter from Fr Dave

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Dear Families and Friends of St. Mark School and the entire Catholic Community of Buffalo, North,

Please mark your calendars and plan to join Co-Chairs: Vera & Keith Carlino, Susan & Angelo Gambino, Erin & John Gerken and Kate & Matt Maleski and me for…

Lionheart 2024,
“Wake the Lion”
Saturday, June 8, 2024

As always, the evening will feature delicious food, an open bar, music, a silent auction, an exciting live auction, awards, and honoring our teachers. Join us for fun, fellowship, and lion pride.


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